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Nicole Ledoux



I'm an actor, singer, and certified goofball based in Los Angeles, California! I write musical comedy songs and scripts about being queer because I am passionate about representation in media and building empathy through story telling.  Currently, I am in post-production for "Groovy Tuesdays" a musical comedy show that I co-wrote and co-created.


Nicole received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Acting from Emerson College in Boston, MA.  From her time in Boston she gained experience working with regional theatres and on independent film projects.  In 2016 she won "Best Actress" at the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival. 

She is now located in Los Angeles, California where she has taken class at Lesly Kahn and The Groundlings School and has been performing in short films, commercials, and theatrical productions.

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If Paul Feig and Bret McKenzie had a creative child it would Nicole Ledoux. Nicole creates content that is lighthearted, joyful, and wacky. She writes stories with stretched realities and delightful characters. These stories place difficult subjects in colorful worlds, leaving the audience feeling triumphant by the end credits.

Nicole's latest project is Groovy Tuesdays, a musical comedy series about a woman who comes out as bisexual, created with writing partner Abbey May. Pilot coming soon!

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