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Groovy Tuesdays is a musical comedy series about one woman's journey of coming out as bisexual.

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With a boost from her two (already out of the closet) best friends/roommates she begins her journey as a queer woman in Los Angeles.  Together, through bad dates and musical numbers, they discover how different each person's experience of queerness can be. 


The show was written, created, and produced by Nicole Ledoux and Abbey May. Together they raised 12k for the two part Groovy Tuesdays pilot. 


What makes Groovy Tuesdays extra special is the original comedic music featured throughout the show.  The songs span multiple genres and were written by Nicole and Abbey.   The pilot alone features a quirky ukulele song about what makes Nicole happy, a dramatic violin accompanied song about a traitor named Joe, and a marching band styled anthem about coming out.


More to come!

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